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Available Colors:
1 1B 2 F1B/30 F2/30/33 F27/30/613 F437 RED XF3146

"How do celebrities get so glamorous?"
It’s their stylists of course!
Now you too can dazzle the crowd with stunning looks by employing the easy to use Red Carpet Premiere Hair System.
With our patented easy to use system, you can attain voluminous A-List looks faster than the paparazzi can flash their cameras.
Plus you’ll save money since we don’t charge by the hour,
unlike those tinsel town blowouts!
Instead of scorching yourself at home (yikes!) or spending hours in the salon chair, let Red Carpet Premiere usher in your style.
With a range of classic and modern options, it’s both easy and fun.
The crowds are waiting…will you be ready to look your best?
Item Code: BP13