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100% Kanekalon®

Available Colors :
1 1B 2 27 30 33 350 4

Benefits :
• Lasting Curl Texture
• Feels like Human Hair
• No Tangling
• Super Light with Volume
• Versatile Styling
• Soft & Manageable

"Gorgeous Versatile Styles with Soft Dread Locs!" AfriNaptrual Soft Dread Locs is very versatile; you can achieve many different styles using this hair. There are several ways to style soft dread such as braiding and interlocking which will give you sculpted curls. AfriNaptural Soft Dread Loc’s advanced high-tech fibers allow to create beautiful natural styles that look and feel like human hair. Soft to the touch this glamorous style has long lasting bouncy curls with lots of volume and is easy to manage!
Item Code: TWB01